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Our Tours

A guided tour for young and grown-ups to discover Florence, its history and monuments.

€140 per person

A quiet walk through the city and the admission to a museum suitable for children—this is the program of our guided tour.

€140 per person

Accompanied by our guide you will visit the classic places of the city, as well as discover an unusual and evocative type of Florence.

Through this guided tour you will learn about the exciting events of the family that for three centuries made the history of Florence.

With this guided tour the children will discover Dante's Florence, the one that saw him among the protagonists of the political life until exile.

€125 per person

Guided tour of the most 'Florentine' of the districts of Florence: the Oltrarno.

Together with our guide, you will discover of one of the wonderful extra-urban villas that the Medici had built between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

A guided tour that offers a taste of everything that the vast Chianti area has to offer: art, nature and of course, good wine!

Churches villages, and castles immersed in beautiful landscapes where vineyards and olive groves alternate with woods: this is the Chianti you will experience with this guided tour.

A guided tour of art, nature and good food: discovering Chianti with its villages, castles and the sites where its precious wine is produced.

Get to know one of the oldest cities in Italy, from the Etruscans to the free medieval municipality.

This guided tour will take you to the land of Siena for a day, walking along the Francigena, one of the most important roads of the Middle Ages

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