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Playful guided tour of San Gimignano for families

Playful guided tour of San Gimignano for families

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This guided tour will lead you to discover San Gimignano, its history and its famous towers in a pleasant walk where all the members of the family, young and older, will compete in a small contest of memory and skills. So get ready to go, and may the best man win! Let’s go see San Gimignano right away, but not the real one—the ceramic one reproduced in miniature, where every detail has been reconstructed with mastery and historical rigor: here you’ll be able to see what the city really looked like at the height of its splendor at the beginning of the fourteenth century… so keep your eyes open and ears pricked to listen to what the guide says. Once out in the field, the race gets real: walking in the real town, little and big explorers will have to be quick to recognize the streets, churches, palaces and towers reproduced in the museum. Your guide will enrich each discovery with historical details and intriguing anecdotes. At the end of the game everyone will enjoy a well-deserved rest, perhaps enjoying a nice ice cream!

Expected entrance: San Gimignano 1300

Duration: half day

List of places we will visit during the sightseeing “Playful San Gimignano”:

  • Piazza della Cisterna
  • Piazza Duomo
  • Fortress Montestaffoli
  • Museum of San Gimignano 1300

This tour is best suited for: families


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